In the library..

Diary 2006.08.26 20:01

A park in the library of Uijeong-Bu

I've finished my work for 5 month after discharging of military..
and I am about to return to the university next Monday again.

So, I decided to go to the library for studying weekends.

I was said that it would rain today.
but that was wrong..
It's cloudy but very hot as shown in above 3 photos.
I was soaked with sweat!
( later, it rained suddenly ~@, too unpredictable ! )

I could find a park in the library.
It was good time to make my feeling better and relaxed during my lunch time.
I was proud of myself studying hard after a long time.

Just as of now, it's time to start again.
To be passionate..
I have to try everything hard ..!

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